Monday, December 23, 2013

A post with a lot of numbers and run-ons (and a recap of our weekend).

Two more sleeps until Christmas!

 I feel like we are more ready for Christmas than we were Friday night.  Probably since Christmas is closer.

 Friday evening we went to Pickerington for Noodles & Co, Diapers, and C’s Christmas gift.

Here’s the deal with C’s Christmas gift. I really struggled with it this year.  Especially since he had had my gift since October and kept telling me he only paid $38.  I usually pride myself on getting him a good gift (XM radio, Chelsea Jersey, etc.), but this year just couldn’t figure something out until I decided to get him one of those foreign language doohickeys.  Problem.  There are about 5 languages C wants to learn and if I was spending the money on a program I wanted to make sure to get the language he really wanted to learn.  So last weekend I picked his brain and we discussed it and collectively decided on Spanish because 1) I will re-learn it with him as well 2) Monkey will also be learning 3) this will be more practical. The other strong contended was French but I just don’t do French.

So we dined and got diapers for the Monkey and a gingerbread house (which is still in the box) and headed to Barnes and Noble to pick up C’s gift. And since C was getting his big gift we decided to do our Christmas that evening.

I arrived home to a new t.v. for our bedroom (thanks Elf Mark!).  Some people don’t like t.v.s in their bedroom.  Here’s why I do: 1) when C’s working late or gone for the night, I keep the t.v. on for the background noise (and set it to sleep mode) 2) when you have babies (and some day we hope to have another one) a t.v. is great to make sure you stay awake while feeding your newborn 3) sports, sports, sports and finally 4) movies! In this case, C really wanted to give me my gift before Christmas so we could watch a Christmas movie in bed.

So we put the Monkey to bed and got to work on hooking up the new t.v.  It was really pretty until we turned it on and the screen was cracked.  (frown) C did lots and lots of research when picking out this model and the only bad reviews were “the screen arrived cracked so I had to get another one.”  C thought that’d never happen to us.  Um. Yeah.

So we boxed the t.v. back up with the intention of taking it back to the Walmart on Saturday morning.

Then we watched a Christmas movie (Elf) in the living room.

Saturday morning we woke up to a lovely Christmas downpour. While getting ready, C turned on his office t.v. on (it’s a scientific fact that he cannot get dressed without watching MSNBC, particularly Morning Joe) only to hear a popping noise followed by no image.  Note – this t.v. was also from the Walmart.  We loaded up the Monkey (who, let’s be honest, was a bit cranky) and went to the Walmart to return the t.v. The Walmart was all out of t.v.s our size and since 1) C has crossed Walmart off his list of stores to purchase electronics from and 2) without t.v.s we couldn’t immediately get a new one in order to be able to watch a Christmas movie in bed before Christmas – we went to Best Buy where we found a t.v (and DVD player and HDMI cord).
When we got home, Santa/Grandpa/Ho-Ho was waiting for us. 


Then we set up the t.v. and ordered Jimmy Johns delivery because Mark is their newest delivery boy.  But it turns out he was already out on a delivery and they wouldn’t let us wait until he was back and we explained that he was our brother but that didn’t help any because corporate wouldn’t care about the relationship and I didn’t want to tip someone else when I could be tipping Mark so… I went to pick it up.

Then we ate lunch in bed while watching  Kentucky play someone (can we talk about how bad Kentucky is this year?!) who wasn’t good but really held their own.

And then the afternoon and evening came and I have no idea what we did. Except I do remember finishing up my Christmas shopping, making cheesy chicken pot pie, and watching the Buckeyes mount a monumental comeback again Notre Dame.  Holler!

Oh yes, and we watched a Christmas movie (Love Actually) in bed. 

Sunday morning we went to church (where Monkey made her presence known) and out to lunch at Chipotle with my dad and Mark (something we don’t get to do too often on Sundays as we are pushing it by missing Monkey’s morning nap).

Once Monkey finally did get to take her nap we cleaned the kitchen, I broke a wine glass into a million and one pieces (had no idea a glass could break into so make pieces), made two types of cookies (chocolate chip and rolo), and put up Christmas lights outside (because there’s no time like the present and three days before Christmas – but really we haven’t had a decent day in the last month when we’ve been home to do so).

Before Monkey went to bed last night we watched the first half of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and every time Santa came on, Monkey let us know by saying “ho-ho”.

Then Santa got some wrapping done and went to bed.

And I was awoken by C’s light snoring at 12:45 a.m. after having dreamt he was having an affair with a woman named Hun Sue June. I debated waking him up to make sure it wasn’t true but worried that in his grogginess he wouldn’t know what I was talking about and just say “yes” to whatever I asked.

So that’s how I started my week…

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