Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Rewind

I'm going to get this in before the day's end.

Friday afternoon we went for ice cream. Monkey made sure we prayed before we had our ice cream.

That evening we had homemade pizza and watched the Cardinals win the NLCS. World Series bound (again).  This sums up the World Series nicely...

Saturday was a slow day. Had a nice breakfast. Took a quick walk before the rain. Got some yard work done. Made homemade brownies. Monkey got some work done. 

We went to Jillian's fundraiser dinner at St. B's. It's nice to be able to go to a church dinner and not have to lift a finger. I entered the silent auction but am guessing I didn't win anything as I have yet to receive a call. 

We rounded out the day at my parents' house eating brownies and watching Monkey run around her circus tent. 

Sunday we made it home by noon thirty.  Monkey took an awesome three hour nap and then  got some work done.

We discovered late in the day that she is cutting a tooth which explained her unusual crankiness all weekend so we ended the weekend just as we started it - with ice cream.

Monkey's already going for the cash in C's wallet.  We've gotta watch this one. 

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