Thursday, October 24, 2013

Monkey goes to the fair.

The county fair was two weeks ago.  We were able to take the monkey several times. She loved the animals and thinks they all say "baaaa".  Things have changed a lot since last year when Monkey would cry anytime we went into the cow barn (yucky smell).

We're still working the switch from the bottle to the sippy cup.  Monkey enjoyed some milk and a twisty tater. 

Checking out the pink ribbon Grandma got for Monkey's Christmas stocking she made. 

This guy was very interested and only stayed twisted together for 3 minutes and then popped another 5 minutes later. 

There is no fear of animals here. 

There was a section just for little kids that had baby rabbits, chicks, ducklings, and feeder pigs. 
Monkey was in heaven. 

We went back again on Saturday with Emily and ran into Gina (my mom's boss's daughter) who had shown chickens that week.  Monkey was all about the chickens wanting to pet both.

This is also the point where I lost $20. This picture costs me $20.

I'd say it was worth it. 

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