Monday, September 9, 2013

Since we've been gone

Sorry for the unexcused absence.  We were on vacation last week with my parents, Emily, and even C's parents were able to join us for a weekend.

I had planned on posting, but spent all of my time outside either reading or chasing after Monkey as she walked off towards the ocean. She has no fear of water.

Monkey's walking (unassisted) now. She really took off a week and a half ago.  She looks like a mini-Frankenstein when she walks.

When you add that to her love of water and sand, she kept us quite busy.

It took me a while to get into my reading, but I managed to read 3.5 books (quite a feat with a 13 month old).

Monkey loved the beach so much that she never wanted to leave. In fact, she was quite cranky when we returned to Ohio last night. That's our girl!

I'll share more pics down the road, but while I get settled in for a busy week here's a picture of the Monkey at the beach.

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