Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rachel's Random Ruminations

It's been a while since we've had a stream of consciousness Rachel's Random Ruminations post. Like that? Me too. I even used a thesaurus to come up with it.

1. I recently took my notary test and scored a 100%. I am a summa cum laude notary.

2. This cheesy delicious loaded baked potato soup will be made next week.

3. Speaking of cooking and meals, I've been meal planning for the last two weeks. Well, one week. Last week went so-so, but so far, this week is going perfectly. I'm liking it because it makes me use what we have, saves money, and most importantly, makes me cook - which I love.

4. The Indians. The Indians. The Indians.  They are currently in a wild card race. We've got tickets to the wild card game (should the Indians make it and should it be in Cleveland) and we have tickets to the ALDS games (should the Indians make it to the wild card game and should they win).  Ahh, the postseason. I live for this (especially on the rare occasion that the Indians make it).

5. I'm letting most of my magazine subscriptions lapse. While I love to read about cooking and celebrities, a one year old just doesn't let you do that like you'd like. My book reading is also hurting Maybe someday (20+ years from now?) I'll get back into the reading groove.

6. T.V. is back!  I'm not sure how I feel about How I Met Your Mother. I'm thinking the entire season takes place over Barney and Robin's wedding weekend (not sure that can keep my attention).  I'm loving The Mindy Project and eagerly looking forward to Hart of Dixie.  Also, still thoroughly enjoying Duck Dynasty. I laughed SO hard when Willie's kids got their wisdom teeth taken out.

7. I haven't been reviewing my Birchboxes before you the last two months because they haven't been review worthy :( Tanning towels. Foot wipes. Shampoo.  Nothing ground breaking that I just have to share with you. Let's hope October's is better.

We're going to stop it at seven because 1) it's a holy number, 2) I'm out of things to say and 3) my computer's dying and I'm too lazy to go plug it in.


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