Monday, September 16, 2013

I've got four awesome videos for you, just not today.

Before I share some awesome Monkey videos we must rewind the weekend because it was just that good.

Friday afternoon C was able to go home early thanks to his monster negotiating skills (maybe? I don't know how good they were or if it was even a battle) which allowed him to settle a case instead of doing scheduled depositions.  With Friday being the 13th (the first Friday the 13th since July 13, 2012) and that being a big day in our family (engagement and Monkey's BIRTHDAY) we decided to celebrate.  Earlier in the day Monkey got to pick out two toys with Mommy's help and guidance (ok, Mommy picked out two toys) in honor of the big day. 

She also got a big red ball (can you find it?) but was more interested in the box. 

Once C was home we packed up and went to Piada in Bexley for some yummy I-talian street food (Lancaster needs to get on the ball and get one of these) followed by a stop at Starbucks were Monkey made tons of college friends. 

We returned home with enough time left before bed to allow Monkey to play with her pond and pig pen (she carried it back and forth between the living room and kitchen) while I chopped up veggies for Ruth Ruff's funeral dinner.  C and I took this time to discuss our own funerals.

Rachel: No baptist-y songs (Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, etc.). None of The Lamb (as good as I used to think it was, it is now over played). I want good songs (like Here I Am Lord or Twila Paris' Lamb of God - maybe baptist-y). Nothing sad. No Psalm 23. And no ham at the funeral dinner. 

C: Doesn't care because he won't be there.  So it'll be just like mine. 

Also, these are not the Top Ten Funeral Songs I would've guessed. 

After Monkey went down for the night we really started our Friday the 13th party. Chips and Giant Eagle's Salsa Fiesta Dip and Star Trek (whatever the second movie is called). 

Saturday morning we woke up, dressed up, and went to church for Ruth Ruff's funeral. Ruth was 105 years, 10 months, and 10 days old.  Talk about a saint. Monkey was really feeling the music (it was really good) and danced during a few of the songs. 

After the funeral Monkey played the piano (video coming this week). 

Saturday night we picked up some pizza (Monkey took a selfie while she waited) and headed to my parents house to watch the game and freeze 63 ears of sweet corn. 

52 cups of sweet corn bliss.

At church on Sunday Monkey was a bit of a handful (we blame this on it being her first time at church since becoming fully mobile and aware that she could be somewhere else). 

She fell asleep on the way home so C and en had left over pizza for lunch and got a ton of yard work done while she slept. 

We also made trips to the Compassion Experience, Lowes, and Kroger (don't worry about calling CPS, Monkey was awake and with us).

I made sloppy joes for dinner. I love recipes that involve just throwing ingredients into a pot without measurements.  C finished up some yard work and I cleaned the kitchen.

Our productive and relaxing weekend was complete with the Newsroom finale.  

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Becky said...

Looking forward to the videos. Also agree with you on no reading of the 23rd Psalm at funerals. It's been done, and I contend that some people only show up in church for weddings or funerals, so the only scripture they ever hear is Psalm 23 and 1 Corinthians 13. Give 'em something different. Mix it up a little. I mentioned the no reciting of the 23rd Psalm at my funeral thing to your Dad once, so he suggested Psalm 151 instead.