Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm not really feeling the blog right now (and I don't have any pictures to share) but I'm going to tell you about our weekend anyway.

Sorry folks, I'm just not feeling it right now, but I know you like the weekend rewind (at least one of you does), so here's what we did...

:: Monkey and I ran errands in the afternoon. Pumpkins, gourds, and mums for the front porch. Closed a bank account. Got some salsa fiesta chip dip from Giant Eagle (best ever - must figure out recipe). Forgot the stamps we paid for at Giant Eagle.
:: Went to dinner and the Lancaster/Pickerington Central game with the Vansants. 
:: The Pickerington Central students dressed in camo and wore body paint to look like cows so then I spent a majority of the game wondering if they had to buy the camo just for the game or if they already had it, in which case.... pot, kettle. Also, why would you want to paint yourself to look like a cow?
:: Do we have that many cows in Lancaster?
:: Fell asleep on the living room floor.

:: Did some much needed cleaning in our bedroom. Threw out a swaddle package that was put on my dresser the evening of July 13, 2012...
:: Purchased my first pair of real leggins. IN. HEAVEN.
:: Picked up my stamps at Giant Eagle and dropped on pants I accidentally got permanent marker on (frown). 
:: Went to the mall with Emily to spend some gift cards.
:: Ate part of a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a medium coke.
:: Monkey continuously asked for "bites"of the pretzel and coke.
:: Went to dinner with Dad and Emily. 
:: Watched football maybe?
:: Tweet from Drew did not help my "we don't wear camo in Lancaster" cause.

:: Korgers for mochas. 
:: Church
:: Carefully measured out a poster board for fellowship hour. Used both sides. Realized it needed to be horizontal, not vertical. Fail. Fail. Fail. 
:: C and MOnkey went back to Krogers for bacon.
:: Pancakes and bacon for lunch.
:: Back to Krogers for groceries for the week.
:: Indians Game.
:: Nap! (These are very few and far between)
:: More cleaning and yard work. May possibly have the back yard over grown nature preserve somewhat under control. Maybe.
:: Baked spaghetti for dinner.
:: Walked around a few blocks.
:: Cardinals game. 
:: "Fixed" Monkey's rocking chair. 

:: Consumed the last of the salsa fiesta dip. 
:: Sleep. 

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