Friday, July 19, 2013

It's been three months since I bought a new bag...

which means I'm ready for a new one!!!

Isn't she lovely?  

In other news, I seem to be taking Cory Monteith's death pretty hard. I just can't believe it.  I also, thanks to the coroner's office, just learned how to pronounce his name. Also, I have never watched Glee so I have no connection to him what-so-ever, but for some reason I feel connected to him.  But I'm not. 

Also, that Lea Michele girl (don't know how to pronounce her name either) seems a bit high maintenance (I thought this before Cory's death, she didn't do anything after to make me think so). 

It's hot here.  Super hot. Like fry an egg on my forehead hot. 

I'm ending my exclusive pumping days.  It's been a good year.  I'm enjoying the freedom but at the same time missing it.  When I'm finally done (in the next week or two?) we're going out to celebrate.  I'm thinking a Brazilian steakhouse or The Melting Pot and a movie. 

Tomorrow night we're going to see Michael Bolton. I am half tempted to dress as Jack Sparrow but 1) I don't have a pirate outfit and 2) this is a table that C's office is paying for.  That being said I will be completely disappointed if he doesn't sing Jack Sparrow.  But I am looking forward to the fireworks (and a STRAWberITA).

I'm planning a post to update you on my farm. I have green bean, pea, zucchini, tomatoes, and herbs (that haven't died yet). That post will be coming as soon as I either 1) take the photos on the real camera or 2) wipe my phone and start from scratch as it was 8 GBs of "other" storage that can't be deleted.  Thanks a lot, Apple. Thanks. A lot.

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