Thursday, July 11, 2013

Check out the tabs. They've been updated.

I've updated my tabs.  Each and every single one of them.

The Reading List has been updated (a new favorite as well as my current read). Two weeks ago I purchased several nook books (yay for 50% of sales and a husband who believes we should support Barnes & Noble as much as we can - poor owners are really struggling).  Make sure to check back every week or so to see what I'm reading. I've got a wide variety of books coming down the pipe (minus classics, history and poetry).

The Recipes are also up to date and everything that I've posted on the blog now has a link.

Even the About Me has been tweaked to add the Monkey.  She is a pretty big part of our lives so I thought she deserved a shout-out.

So go check them out.

I'm also interested in any book (minus classics - unless they are funny, poems - unless them rhyme, and history - unless they are about baseball) and recipe (minus those that are pepper based) recommendations.

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