Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Rewind: Every day is a weekend day

I'm rewinding our weekend on a Tuesday because 1). it was a holiday/three day weekend and 2). every day is a weekend day for me (at least it has been for the last 3 weeks).

After C got home Friday evening we had Sloppy Joes and watched some Homeland.

And that's it.  Nothing else. We are super exciting folks.

Saturday we grabbed some lunch from Jimmy Johns.  They appear to be doing a pretty good business so I no longer feel the need to go there weekly in order to make sure they stay open.  Thank you everyone else for your financial support of Jimmy Johns.  Our bank account appreciates it.  Plus I miss their alfalfa sprouts and their sandwiches just aren't as yummy without them.

After lunch we watched Titanic (hate that movie) and headed up to German Village for an early lunch to celebrate Mark's Golden Birthday (19 on the 19th).  We followed it up with a stop and Barnes & Noble and then made it home to watch the rest of the Buckeyes game. Then we finished Homeland and I had dreams of being a terrorist.

Sunday we tried to re-stage Monkey's baptism so that we could take a picture for a church flier.  Babies are so much easier to baptize when they are itty bitty because they have no head control or will power.

ThenI made some birthday cupcakes and broccoli rice casserole (not pictured).

Following dinner we played Joker and I had FIVE jokers (at one point I had three).  I still managed to lose because I am just that bad. (Except I'm actually good. Sometimes.)

Sunday night I dreamt that C and I went to China where they sold Lanolin for $0.59 and also had Twinkies, but no HoHos :(.

Once C was done with work on Monday we went to the Blue Jackets home opener were we managed to not win a free pizza, or one of the many free jerseys, or the $16,000 50/50 drawing. (I had high hopes of winning and putting off going back to work.)

And that was our weekend.  Next weekend C's parents come to town (on their way to their new home) and we have the Chili Cook-Off at church. Yum.

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