Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Too bad for you, my New Year's resolution wasn't to blog more (it was to diet, but that's gotten off to a horrible start...reese's cups, anyone?)

Sorry folks, I didn't think I'd be gone that long.  It was sorta liberating (not that I lose any sleep over not posting...obviously).  The good news is that Monkey got one of those bouncy play things from Santa so I have more free time (which I should use to clean) to blog and watch t.v. and stuff.

Things have been a bit hectic around here with me not working at all.  Wait. That doesn't sound right.

As of midnight I'm unemployed. Yay.

But that's not interesting to you (unless you're looking for a Constituent Services Director/Service Academies Coordinator) so let's catch up, shall we?

Here are some odds and ends.

I'd love to share pictures of Monkey's first Christmas with you, but that would require me to have had the camera batteries (either of them) charged.  I had two or three blurry iPhone pictures.

Holidays really are better with kids. I can't wait to see how much fun they are when Monkey realizes what's happening (and doesn't fall asleep when we're ready to open presents).

C and I just had a detailed conversation regarding what we'd do if we won the HGTV Dream Home in Kiawah.  Would we move down there or just use it as a vacation home? Would we sell the car that comes with it? Yes. Would we sell the house and move to DeBordieu (Yes - me, No - C...unless it's used as a vacation home, then he'd rather have the house at DeBordieu, but if we're going to live there year round he wants to live closer to Charleston.)

Kiawah is a horrid place so there's absolutely no reason for you to enter the drawing. (read: Please don't enter. We'd like to win it.) 

Maybe if I put half as much energy into find a job as I do into the vacation home we aren't going to win, I'd be employed.

Great. Now I miss the beach.

Way back when McDonalds was doing Monopoly again I won two free 5x7 prints from SnapFish. The coupon expired on December 31st and I managed to get the pictures ordered by 5:30 on the 31st. Two free pictures of Monkey. Go me.

We spent New Years at the Vansants. Here's Monkey trying to attack/eat/kiss Marshall who is just 6 days younger than her.

I'm back on an Angry Birds kick (gotta have something to do while I pump and I'm getting bored of Scrambles and Words with Friends).  Ladies out there who are still single, find a guy who knows how to get you through a level when you get stuck. It's a life saver.

I bought Amy Farrah Fowler's attachment parenting book.  I haven't made it past the dedication page, but C's almost finished with it.

The ground is currently covered with several inches of snow and it's freezing outside.  So far winter is treating us well.

I think that about covers it for me (unless you want to hear about the new sugar and flour canisters I got OR how I rearranged the coffee cups and plates tonight). I promise at least one more post this week.

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Emommy said...

That picture makes my day! You should use it for your Christmas pic next year. :) Miss you guys!