Thursday, November 15, 2012

Since Mommy won't blog I guess I will.

Hey guys! Monkey here!

Since Mommy doesn't seem to blog anymore I figured I'd post for her today.  I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of not seeing new posts about myself when I check my phone early every morning.

She really doesn't have any excuses for not blogging.  She works part time and when she's not working we're eating, watching Rachael Ray, the Price is Right, and Ellen.  Oh, and she also makes me monkey milk and changes my diapers. But really, what does she do all day? I take two or three or four (yesterday) good naps sometimes lasting 30 minutes a piece. That should be plenty of time to post a few pictures of me. 

But the show must go on. 

In case you missed it, I recently turned four months old.  This is quite the milestone as I am now 1/3 of a year old. 

Being four months old comes with great responsibilities. Like waking mommy and daddy up by talking non-stop at 6 am, drooling all over all of my toys (especially my taggies), and playing with the pinwheel Grandma E brought me a few weeks ago (so much fun!). 

And then there was yesterday... I had to get FIVE ouchies (because the doctor's office was out of combo shots) and two boo-boo strips which weren't even pretty because they were out of those too. It was a very rough day for all of us, but Daddy made it a bit better by singing Shots to me (who needs lullabies? baby songs are for babies). 

I've also been told that I am going to start rice cereal.  We'll see how that one goes. 

Uncle Drew is coming home this weekend. I'm super excited to see him and can't wait to see if he left his scratchy beard in Connecticut (he was interning with ESPN - my favorite channel to watch at 4am!).

Next week I get to go see Great Grandpa, Silas, and the rest of the Stephenson gang. I'm getting pretty excited about that. I'm thinking it's probably best to rest up these next few days so that I can be wide awake for the car ride and all the time I'm going to spend with everyone. 

So that's what's up with this little Monkey.  Sorry I couldn't talk longer. It's time to wake up Mommy and Daddy!

Monkey - OUT!

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