Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's a whole other world of commercials during the day

Now that I'm at home part of the week (yay! while it lasts) I'm seeing a whole new world of commercials.  First there was Hoveround.  Now there's CapTel.  The most annoying and fake commercial to date.

Sadly (or I guess, not so sadly for you) I can't find it online. You're spared. This time.

So I'll recap.  It's a curly haired girl, in a very fake hospital setting, calling her grandma, "Guess what Grandma?" (while sits at the cheap looking phone with a screen and reads) "I'm a big sister and you're a Grandma again!"

blah blah blah

Now it's back to Ellen. Today the father of January Jones' baby is on.

P.S. I was once a child model for the local visiting nurses. My picture was even up at the hospital.

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