Friday, October 12, 2012

Bear with me. There's a cute baby picture at the end of this post.

One of these days I'll get around to posting another Fashion Friday. Although, that probably won't be until my jeans fit (we're going through some trying fashion times over at the Elsea household). So today will just be randomness (then you'll have a better idea of what it's like to live with me and my "thought" process).

I kid you not, after I rambled four things off the other day (not related to each other in any way at all), Emily asked if I could be any more random. C said  no and that he had just learned to live with it. I think I said something about taking a bath, wishing I had left a front light on at the house, something about eating too much fried food, and that we'd leave Monkey in her stroller to get her in the house.  All without taking a breath.

I have had sausage sandwiches at the fair since Monday.  Monkey didn't feel well Wednesday night. I thought it might have been something I ate. The only thing I had eaten was sausage sandwiches (which I had again last night and plan on having again today and tomorrow).

I'm hoping that's not what it was. 

Babies drool a lot. All over your bed, their bed, their blankets, their clothes, etc.

I loathe the Cincinnati Reds.

The combine derby was last night. I hope to dedicate a post to that soon, but at the rate I'm going it'll happen in 4 months or not at all.  Probably not at all.

I've got a super busy work weekend coming up next week. I'm making to-do lists to make myself feel better/more calm/less stressed about it.  What is it about to-do lists that's so calming? Maybe it's knowing that you put it all on there and nothing is going to sneak up on you. But now that I've said that, it will.

We haven't won a single cane and the ring toss game this year.  The ring toss people have also implemented using fog horns to either lure people to their booth or celebrate someone winning a real cane (I'm not sure which). However, now that I have a 3 month old I don't appreciate the fog horns going off around her sensitive ears so I'm not going back (I'm also bitter because I seem to be getting worse at the ring toss game).

If Monkey could talk I'm certain she would have said "Get me out of this putrid smelling place" when we walked into the cow barn Wednesday. At least that what her eyes were saying to us. I'm thinking she's going to be a city girl.

And finally... 

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