Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week Maker

It's been one of those weeks...

:: Our shower isn't working, but I already told you that.
:: Our bathroom sink is also out of commission (I'm just waiting for the toilet to go to) so we're brushing our teeth and cleaning pump parts out in the middle of the night all the way downstairs.
:: I've reached a tipping point with trying to nurse Monkey every feeding time.  When you factor in nursing, bottle feeding, then pumping it's always an hour+ job.  With 8-10 feedings a day, you can guess what I'm doing at any given time.  I'm thinking about going to the lactation consultant one last time next week to confirm she's not transferring as efficiently as she should, then cutting back the number of times I try to nurse her each day.
:: The above also means that the house is a wreck. Laundry needs done, dishes need done, folded clothes need put away, things just need picked up.
:: The NFL Replacement Refs are gone and so now the games aren't quite as entertaining (as a Browns fan we needed all the extra entertainment we could get).
:: Baseball is almost over. Who am I kidding though? For the Indians it's been over since the All Star Break. 

I say all of that to make this sound even better...

Monday morning (like the wee hours of the morning) I tweeted @JimmyJohns (originally tweeted @JommyJohns) asking when ours would open up.  Around 12 pm on Tuesday I got the following response. 

I didn't call them I went there.  And C came over to meet us for lunch.

Monkey's not quite as excited as Daddy. 
Also, look at those cute jeans!

Since then C's had Jimmy Johns for dinner Tuesday night and again for dinner Wednesday night (me included on this last one) and I'm pretty sure it will also be a new Saturday Game Day lunch tradition.

So if you're thinking this new place won't last, it will.  With the money we'll be throwing their way, they're bound to open another store in town in no time.

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