Monday, September 17, 2012

day maker (kinda)

I had a case of the Monday's today...

- I forgot my work keys and pump at home (after I was already running late).
- I ran even later because I didn't have enough gas to get to work (.8 miles away) prompting another pre-work stop.
- I had the newspaper dump all over the floor because the bag had a hole in both ends of it.
- I would have sworn it was a full moon or the first of the month at work (it's neither).
- Went home to nurse Monkey but didn't have proper nursing gear (read: shield) and she won't nurse without it.
- The line at Walgreens was horribly long.
- People were just slow in general which doesn't help when I'm running late for everything.

Then I found these.

And the day got a bit better.

Tomorrow (or Wednesday, since it's supposed to rain tomorrow) we're getting our water line fixed so I'm off to clean all the laundry I can while our water is still free.

Oh, and if you need me tomorrow, I'll be snuggling up with Monkey on the couch.

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