Monday, July 30, 2012

{insert Olympics theme song here}

1. It was a great idea to have a baby right before the Olympics. Ok, so it wasn't our idea, but happened to work out that way and I love it.  I have resolved to have all of our babies around Olympics time which works out great because I'm on the children every two years plan (not sure what plan C is on).

2. I LOVE RYAN LOCHTE.  I have given C fair warning that I am deeply in love with Ryan and I forgive him (Ryan, that is) for partying with his parents until 2 am the other night and thus causing the US to place second (take that Michael Phelps!). Mark says he was out drinking. I really think he was just out eating cake. How else do you celebrate winning Olympic Gold? (There is no other way.)

C really doesn't have anything to worry about though, and he'd be the first to say so, because it took be 13 years to get a boyfriend, so it would take at least that long (plus a bit longer given Ryan's celebrity status) for me to get Ryan to even acknowledge me.

4. So far I have watched (and observed) the following sports:
    a. Swimming: My absolute favorite.
    b. Gymnastics: I don't really care for these.
    c. Water Polo: Holy cow this is a violent sport. Plus there's a shot clock? Who knew?  Also, the goalies get helmet numbers 1 and 13.
    d. Rowing/Crew.
    e. Cycling.
    f. Basketball: I wonder if the referees are all from the US. I'm thinking yes.
    g. Synchronized Diving.
    h. Volleyball and Beach Volleyball: I don't know what a "kill" is or why one of the players (in indoor) wears a different colored jersey. I do know that indoors plays to 25 and outdoors plays to 21.

5. My favorite part of the opening ceremonies was Mr. Bean. I'm too dumb to figure out how to imbed the the video (I don't think NBC allows it) so if you only ever click on one link on this blog, click on this one.


7. I do not love Michael Phelps. I've never been a fan. He just doesn't do it for me. Sorta like Tiger Woods.

8. Another video I'm loving is the Olympic Swimming Team's Call Me Maybe video. Ryan makes an appearance.

With that I'm signing off. Time to pump again...

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Unknown said...

I have managed to stay away from "Call Me Maybe", until tonight. On your recommendation, and my love for the U.S. Swim Team I decided to watch the video. I will have this song stuck in my head forever, but I did like the video.