Thursday, May 17, 2012

C's yet to be named mixed drink The DeBordieu

Nothing like starting out your Thursday morning with an alcoholic beverage recipe (a first for Everything Elsea!)

C sorta created his own mixed drink while we were on vacation and it's pretty good. Yes, I had a sip.

I briefly checked on the internets to see if this was invented by someone else (and it probably was) but couldn't find anything with the three specific ingredients he used. 

Once he has come up with a name, I'll make the appropriate changes to this post, but for now it will be known as "C's yet to be named mixed drink"

The DeBordieu
C's Yet To Be Named Mixed Drink

Diet Cherry 7-Up (with antioxidants)

Combine equal parts of the lemonade, rum, and Diet Cherry 7-Up.  Serve with ice.


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