Thursday, May 31, 2012

34 weeks

Ok, so we're almost to 35 weeks, but I had posts scheduled for Tuesday (which I forgot about) and Wednesday (which was wordless and can't very well be on a day other than Wednesday) which pushed this back to Thursday.

This is, knock on wood (or MDF if that's closer), the last update from Apt #9.  The next update should be from 318. I hope. You'll be able to tell by the change in wall color (read: not so pleasant, yet not "make you want to barf" wall paper).

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of Baby: Almost 4.75 pounds, 18 inches. Size of a cantaloupe.

Total Weight Gain: Roughly 15.5 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Somehow, despite my eating coke slushies, lots of ice cream, and almost an entire butter braid this past week, I only gained .5 lbs over the last two weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. I am starting to love the full support shorts/capris and not looking forward to having to wear button ups again. Maybe I'll wear maternity clothes forever.

Gender: Didn't know two weeks again and still don't know. That's because it's a surprise!

Movement: Mister Fartlepants appears to enjoy punching and kicking my bladder and ribs.

Sleep: Aside from a not so pleasant Monday night (blamed on the dust and my allergies) sleep has been wonderful (thanks to some Tylenol PM).  

What I Miss: Being able to help pack up the apartment for the big move. I can load up boxes and point to where they go, but that's about it. HUGE shout out to Mama E. (and C, duh) for getting everything done.

Cravings: Coke Slushies, but I blame those on the heat.

Symptoms: A big, pregnant belly. Starting to slow down more.

Best Moments this Week: Getting closer to moving in to the new house, where we will bring Mister Fartlepants home to!

And the blooper of the week...

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Emommy said...

Don't tell anybody, but I still wear maternity clothes sometimes. I don't actually think there's a cutoff date.