Thursday, April 26, 2012

t.v., baby Jesus, and the Tribe

Just a few thoughts before I head out for my day...

C and I have given up on 30 Rock and The Office.  He's also done with How I Met Your Mother (I'm on the fence).  We just don't have any interest any more (and have thus deleted 20% of our unwatched DVR programming).

I just dropped my waffle on the floor.  5 second rule.

I'm starting a new project.... Use what I have in the freezer and cupboards before doing a major grocery run. I'm looking forward to trying to be creative or maybe we'll just eat butter braids for dinner some nights.

Thanks to the Olson family we have a figurine of Santa kneeling in reverence to baby Jesus. Another Christmas decoration that hasn't been put away.

When I went to bed last night I didn't think I'd see this again this morning.

Two days in a row?! CRAZY!

Now I gotta go find my pants.

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