Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Things

1. Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was made possible by cousin Kristen. Big thank you to her for the cute apparel.  The battle to win the baby's baseball heart over is on. While C may have the better team on his side; my team has games on t.v. every day (if you can call them games), family close by to help instill the Tribe pride, and I also like to think I have a 9 month lead on C as I have the baby with me all the time and thus my thoughts are it's thoughts and therefore when I cheer for the Tribe it does as well.  Make sense?

2.  I am addicted to Draw Something and I'm pretty good too.  Please play with me. My name is radiantone7.

3. We are under one month until our trip to the beach. It's our last vacation before we become a family of three.

4. I don't know how to add events to my facebook timeline. I'm not sure I even want to know, because do I really want to add all of that stuff to my timeline? Who really cares when I got my first (and only) henna tattoo?

5.  I read yesterday that Christina Applegate revealed that she still wears maternity jeans a year after having her baby because they are just so comfortable.  This is great news, because I've already contemplated do the same.  Granted my one pair of maternity pants are slightly too short and yet slightly too big at the top (even after having my mom take an inch or two in), so I'm sure there's no way I'll be able to keep them up without a bump.

6. I pronounce "comfortable" as "com-fort-able". It drives C nuts. I love it (both my pronunciation and it driving C nuts).

7. The Indians are stinking it up again this year. They stink every year (aside from the one time every several years when they still have all the good players they've brought up through the farm system under contract who haven't had the chance to go on to play in greener pastures), but for some reason I still think we have a fighting chance at the beginning of each year. Then the first week wraps up and we're right were we belong, at home at the bottom of the AL Central.

7. At least we aren't Cincinnati.  A team who not only stinks just because, but also just spent way to much money on a guy they can't afford and who can't even DH for them 5 years from now. As my dad always says, "Better dead than a Cincinnati Red."

9. I have no idea why I hate all things Cincinnati so much. Everything down there just seems so dirty.

10. In happier news, I bought new make up this week.  Emily has been urging me to try Bare Escentuals for a while now and since she had a 20% off coupon I took the plunge. Now if only I can muster up the will to watch the how to video so I know how to apply the stuff.  Shockingly, when I asked the employee gal at the River Valley Mall to show me how to apply it she told me she "wasn't a professional, just a lover of make up." Awesome.

11. So if you see me around town the next few days and I look like a clown, you'll know that I decided to just skip the tutorial and try to figure out the application process myself.

Rachel - Out.

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Emommy said...

Haa! "Better dead than a Cincinnati Red." Still laughing over that one! At least we can all agree on that one (though Jon might pull for being better off dead than a Bears fan... :))