Monday, April 16, 2012

I ate a boat load of chocolate

Friday night was the Chocolate Walk here in town so after we got home from work (C left early to watch the Cardinals lose) we walked down the alley to pick up our bags and started walking.  Here's how it works: you buy a ticket for $12, get a bag, and walk around to 30-ish local businesses who hand out chocolate (and promote whatever it is that they do).  We had chocolate mousse, chocolate soup, at least 3 chocolate fountains, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate covered bacon (yum!), chocolate covered strawberries...I think you get the point.  You don't have to eat everything right then and there, but can put it in your bag to take home (which is what I did - C ate half of his because he skipped lunch).

After taking our goodies home we headed back down the alley to the Minute Bar to grab some dinner and enjoy eating outside (well as much as you can enjoy eating in an alley in downtown Lancaster). C enjoyed some (not girly) mixed drink while I enjoyed my water.  We split the wedge salad (which C proclaimed he thinks he can try to make sometime - I'd hope so, it's just a wedge of lettuce) and ordered a cheeseburger (me) and turkey club (C).  I must say, we were very impressed with the food, especially since the Minute Bar is a frequent stop over for many people who get DUIs on the weekend. C estimated that at least 2 of the people who were there when we were (at 7:00) would be going home with DUIs that evening. 

Upon returning home we slipped into chocolate induced comas and to be quite honest I can't remember the rest of the evening. I blame it on the chocolate.

Saturday morning we grabbed breakfast at Waffle House.  C headed out to work so I did a load of laundry mainly because I told C I would clean while he was gone and didn't want him to return to an empty promise.  My parents picked me up in the afternoon and we headed up to Easton for some dinner with Mark and a trip to Buy, Buy Baby to look for a mattress for the cradle Uncle Don made us.  We also picked out and registered for a glider (so we can get 10% off).  After Buy, Buy Baby mom and I headed to Target to complete our registry (Hallelujah!).  Once I returned home I spent the rest of the evening vegging, watching the Indians, and eating chocolate.

Sunday morning we churched and lunched at Fiesta Mexicana (a favorite of C's) and ran a few other fruitless errands (Target for capris - which turned out to be pants and best Buy for a computer charger).  Fortunately Meijer did have groceries (we were beginning to wonder if they would since our first two stops turned up with nothing) so we loaded up on brats and hot dogs for the panini press. Some day we'll be able to cook on an actual grill. We are getting close to moving somewhere else, I can just feel it.

After running our errands and stopping home to change we went through an open house then headed to my parents to celebrate Riley's first birthday with some ice cream and Frosty Paws. Riley also got 12 new tennis balls (all of which now have a big "R" on them so everyone knows they belong to her). 

We spent the rest of the afternoon napping (something I told C I wouldn't do), enjoying our grilled hot dogs and brats, and taking a nice long walk around town.

Oh, and we ate more chocolate.

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