Monday, March 5, 2012

I messed up the cookie orders...

This weekend was full indication that pregnancy brain is in full swing at the Elsea household.

Friday evening C and I picked up some Max and Erma's for dinner. I had been craving a cheeseburger since lunch and for some reason the Lean Cuisine spaghetti and meat sauce I had at noon didn't satisfy that craving. So off we went to pick that up. And while we were waiting...


So yeah. There was a double rainbow.  I enjoyed my cheeseburger (I'm sure C did as well, but he wasn't really craving one). Then we watched college basketball (there is something so soothing about listening to the sound of sneakers on the hardwood along with the crowd - I love it) and The Big Bang Theory until the night was over.

After sleeping in on Saturday we headed to Easton to pick up C's suits we purchased at the end of last year that were just back from being tailored and grabbed some lunch at Logan's. We stopped at the grocery for a much overdue shopping trip and spent the rest of the evening doing reading (C) and laundry and watching The Big Bang Theory (me).

It was right before going to bed that I had yet another pregnancy brain moment.  We were changing the sheets - because it's best for your allergies if you change them at least once a week so I aim for once a month, when I got an alert on my phone. C read it to me "Sallie and Joey* are in a relationship" and I immediately flipped out thinking this was from facebook. I'm not friends with Sallie and Joey so I did not understand why facebook would be alerting me to such a fact.  Turns out it was a text. From my sister.  But I did have a good reason to think it was from facebook because just last week, while sitting on the coach I got a facebook alert that Kerry* had checked in to some location just a few blocks from our house.  I didn't ask to know when Kerry went places so I had no idea why I was being alerted. C calmed me down and I was able to sleep in peace.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Sunday afternoon was a dandy. We enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes (because one of the people in our marriage - and it was not me - gave up fast food for lent meaning we couldn't join my family at McDonalds) and oven baked bacon (it's the best) while watching the Kentucky game.  Then I took a quick nap and then woke up. It's what I do after I take a nap.  Spring training games started this weekend so I watched the end of the Phillies/Yankees game while folding some more clothes.

Then the Buckeyes were on. And the first 25 minutes were not pretty. In fact I had written the boys off and even decided to watch the end of the Honda Classic (go, Rory!) instead of the game.  But once Rory won (and took 1st place in the whole wide golfing world) I changed back to CBS to see that the Buckeyes were no longer down by 16 but just 9. So I continued to watch. And wouldn't you know, they won. William Buford too a shot with 2.8 seconds left (right after I looked at C and said, "WHAT ARE THEY DOING?").

I made cheeseburger pie and lemon garlic green beans for dinner.  We took a quick walk and then iChatted with C's parents while I ate girl scout cookies. Oh yes, another pregnancy brain moment.  Turns out, several weeks ago, when we were at church and ordering cookies, my mom asked me to order some for her. I promise I thought I was ordering Thin Mints. Turns out I ordered her Dulce de Leches. Two whole boxes. I'm just lucky everyone in the house is still talking to me.


Emily said...

You also didn't order and Samoas. Tragic.

rachel e. said...

If I remember correctly, you've already consumed three boxes. So you're welcome. I, on the other hand, did remember to order three boxes for myself.