Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Quarterdeck

A few weeks ago I visited one of our favorite restaurants in the world. Seriously. C and I absolutely love this place.  We've even made a weekend trip just to eat here. It's the Quarterdeck in Arlington, Virginia.

We went at night, hence the dark photo.

C discovered this place in 2005 when he interned in Washington, D.C. So when I interned in the Spring of 2007, he insisted that we go. And go we did. Multiple times.

The atmosphere is very down home and local.  Once, while waiting for our table, the owner passed around free margaritas just because he could (and wanted to try out his new margarita machine).

The Quarterdeck is tucked away behind the Iwo Jima Memorial on  Fort Myer Drive. See?

 A = the Quarterdeck
Red Arrow = Apartments we used to live in when we interned.

C was very disappointed that he couldn't join me on my most recent trip to DC, solely because he couldn't go to the Quarterdeck with me.  So I documented my trip and sent him several texts and pictures.

The QD is known for their Maryland Blue Crab feasts. You order these by the half or full dozen. A large piece of butcher paper is put on your table with a shell scrap bucket, hammers, forks, napkins and clarified butter.  They drop off the crabs and you dig in.

But I didn't go with the crab feast and went with my favorite the Crab Cakes. 

Pure crab cakes.  Just crab and a little bit of breading to keep them together. De-vine.

So if you ever find yourself in Arlington, VA and in need of a meal, you must check this place out. It will not disappoint.

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