Thursday, February 23, 2012

My brother, Drewbie

Two posts in one day? That must mean something very cool happened.  Well, it's sorta cool. It'd be cooler if it was a different movie.

Anyway, my brother is in Philadelphia interning for the Philadelphia Fliers, stalking the circus elephants, and apparently attending pre-release movie showings.

What's that? You think his internship has brought him fame? Nope.

Maybe the elephants? Unfortunately, no. But how cool would that be?

It was the movie. A tweet he sent out about a movie. And now it's in one of the trailers.

I should point out that aside from the cute dog on the trampoline (and now, also Drew's tweet) I think this movie looks just about as dumb as Shallow Hal (you know, that movie where Jason Alexander has a tail).

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