Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's my age again?

I'm pretty sure I'm 26 years old. However, yesterday I bought a shower cap. For. My. Self.

About a year ago I stopped washing my hair everyday. Partly because it's better for my hair and partly because I'm lazy and not having to dry my hair in the morning means I can sleep in 8-10 minutes longer, basically cutting my prep time down 33%. But now, thanks to Mr. Fartlepants and my desire to keep him fed and "nourished", if you can count Fruity Pebbles as nourishment, I'm making more of an effort to eat breakfast before I go to work in the morning which has added that 33% back on. So the non-hair washing days are amazing.

So over the past 12 or so months I been using shower caps from hotels. I would load up when we were gone and bring them back to use. However, we haven't stayed in a hotel recently and the elastic on my el-cheapo (read: free) cap was not very elastic-y anymore. So I decided today to buy one.

Why do I wear shower caps instead of just pulling my hair back? Because I don't want a single strand wet and I have a very quick (don't worry, and thorough) shower routine I don't want to make longer because I'm trying to keep my hair dry.

My problem... I couldn't find one at Target and was not about to ask someone where they were because I'm 26, not 86. So I browsed the same 4 aisles for 15 minutes before I found one.  And since I try to save money when I can, I went with the $3.09 cap instead of spending $7.39 and splurging on what all other 26 year olds would get if they were buying a cap - a nice, satin patterned cap (which they aren't because no other 26 year old uses a shower cap).

And now, I'm going to do what I probably shouldn't do. I'm going to show you what a 26 year old (read: me) looks like in a shower cap. Brace yourselves.

By the way, the plastic smells so good.

I also bought a few maternity shirts, so hopefully that brings my own age perception back down to (at least) childbearing years.

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Emommy said...

LOVE. And wearing a shower cap definitely makes you an award-winning mom!