Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Tweets Edition

Here's what went down on the twitter this weekend:


We need a slushy machine. #fb*

First RedBox experience... Midnight in Paris. Great movie.


There's a shooter on the loose in Lancaster, Time to turn on the police scanner on.

C's going to be gone all day. I need plans.

Since I'm having a baby does that mean I have to stop being a kid?

Uh-Oh. I've got Spring Fever.

@CGinPhilly Thanks!! (In response to: @CGinPhilly You might enjoy this. It's free!!)

@Revjack56 too heavy for me. (In response to: @Revjack56 We are taking down trees at church :) )

I'm ready for some baseball. #fb

I have so much (mental) energy.

I want to go on a walk.

@CharlesMLC Nah. I'll pass. (In response to: @CharlesMLC you should. Stay on big streets tho. Everyone here is freaking our about the shooter on the lam.)

@IAmRileyTheDog and @Revjack56 watching the #Buckeyes.

Right now on MTV: Teen Mom 2. Next up: Charlies and the Chocolate Factory. #fb


I missed Charles Barkley on SNL last night. #dayruined #fb

@edavidson5 that would require you to go to summer camp (In response to: @edavidson5 So has the ship sailed on me having a secret twin from London that I meet at summer camp?)

@davidsondrew but you love Jesus! (In response to: @davidsondrew Im between a rock and a hard place, I hate Tebow, but I also hate the Steelers.)

*#fb means that I also thought the thought was SO important it must also be shared with facebook.

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