Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm saving up $900 for a stroller

1. I've been having crazy dreams lately. Friday night Justin Timberlake was my BFF (and possibly brother) and Tuesday night I was at Owen Wilson's house. Man did he have a decked out bathroom with two hot tubs and three pools.

2. Now that there is a baby on the way, I'm starting to spending lots of time looking at baby gear. Lets face it, I've had some of my dream baby items picked out for years. I didn't have my wedding planned at age 14 but I knew what stroller I wanted. That being said, I'm beginning to realize C has told me that my lofty dreams of a $900 stroller aren't going to happen so instead I'm looking at choice #2 or a Peg Perego (because there is an outlet in Fort Wayne).

What I'd like for Mr. Fartlepants to travel in.

What Mr. Fartlepants will probably travel in instead.

3. Speaking of baby items, I think it's a good idea when people are compiling their wedding registries to get input from scads of people as to what they absolutely need to register for or even just things they never even thought of. I, for one, found about 32 things I should have registered for after we got married. So I'm thinking ahead this time around and asking what baby items you can't live without. I will take every (serious) suggestion into consideration. Thank you for your input.

4. I cannot spell the word inconvenience. Every time I try I get it wrong. Then I try to have spell check correct it. Spell check's suggestion is incontinence.

5. I've been wanting Danish Puff for the last three days but do not have enough butter. I'm seriously considering making the 1.5 mile trek to the store to get some butter.

6. C and I are on the house hunt. The goal is to be in a place by the time the baby is born (I'm shooting for June) but ideally by late Spring. Every time we go into a house that we like (we have our eye on one in particular right now) I immediately start thinking about what kitchen cabinets would be for food, which would be for plates/cups/other everyday wear, and where we'd put our food. Yesterday morning I found myself thinking "I could put guest towels, sheets, and toilet paper in that linen closet, but those three things don't take up much of the space, what else could I store in there?" We also discuss where we would put the dog crate in each house. I have fully arranged, in my mind, 6-8 houses we've seen, and liked, in the Lancaster area.

7. Call me crazy, but if we are able to move before June, I'd still like to get a dog right away. I think C's in agreement with this one.

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SE said...

Amazing that these new high-tech infant moving systems (we used to call them baby carriages) cost twice as much as my first vehicle, a 1957 Dodge half-ton pickup....and it came with a straight eight under the hood! ;-)