Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Things (alternatively titled "I watch a lot of t.v.")

This was supposed to be a list of what was on my mind. Apparently t.v. fills up most of my mind. I'd get another hobby, but I just love t.v. so much. If they want me to stop watching it they should stop making it so enjoyable.

1. I'm a little bit (just a little bit) allowing myself to get in the Christmas spirit.  I plugged this guy in at my office Monday.

2. I'm pinning recipes like it's my job. Last night I made my first pinned  recipe (a cream cheese baked spaghetti).  I'll share it with you next week. Or tomorrow.  But probably next week because I love fall and winter fashion.

3. Are boy's allowed to be on Pinterest?

4. If you haven't checked out Suri's Burn Book stop reading this and go there now.  Read each and every post. I feel like Suri is my soul sister (although she know of my existence, she'd probably want nothing to do with me since I often wear sweatpants around the house) what with our mutual hatred for Tom Cruise and all.

5. I'm unabashedly loving Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie right now. My Monday nights cannot get any better. However I am worried that at some point I'll be forced to stop watching (because I'll legally be too old). Maybe I shouldn't be admitting to the t.v. authorities that I even watch it (I'm sure they check my blog regularly).

6. The Sister Wives Baby Special is Sunday the 27th. They named their baby Sampson or Saul or something. Wait, it's Soloman.  I'm really surprised Kody didn't pull for Sampson what with his Adonis like hair and stellar bod. (I hope I made the correct Greek mythology reference - where's Mrs. Hand when you need her?)

7. Buckeyes Men's Basketball starts again tomorrow. My sports life will be whole again.

8. Other shows I'm currently hooked on include: Lockup which recently aired a special on Lucasville (the prison within the prison system) which is just 2.9 miles from where I went to Girl Scout Camp - the show actually started at the Ross Correctional Facility where C has been! (for work) - also, I'd like to tour a jail; Brides of Beverly Hills - I have NO idea why I like this show; and I'm also very much looking forward to All-American Muslim.

9. The Jeep's oil needs changed.

10. Oh and most importantly, it appears that KFC has brought back their popcorn chicken! (I only like their popcorn chicken. The rest is full of gristle.) For a while I would have to call before I went to see if they had it (and they never did) because once they took it off the menu without telling me and put chopped up chicken fingers on top of my KFC bowl (without cheese and gravy please). So I put them on my Bad List. Turns out it's back!

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