Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm on the Pinterest

Pinterest has let me on to their system (or whatever it is called) and I am addicted. Just ask C.

I've only been on for a week, but I've already got the house we don't own fully decorated.  Check out these DIY Roman Shades. Super easy and cheap and I think I can do it with some minimal help from my mom. I'm also loving this storage idea for all the household cleaners.  If I hadn't just reorganized our current storage method I'd jump on this idea today. However, I'm proud of the current set up so I'll keep it for a bit longer.

And how about this brilliant way to hang up a wreath?

(via lemonade)

I've also got several Christmas craft ideas floating around thanks to my new best friend.  This weekend I'm going to take a stab at this button Christmas tree.

I also love this pearl wreath which appeals to be from Better Homes and Gardens but I'm not completely sure as there isn't a link.

My pining (or is it pinning?) doesn't stop there. I've got recipes to try, hats to make for Thanksmas, and this new sparkly OPI nail polish (from their Muppets collection).

I'm also a sucker for the pets section and have found myself pining/pinning random pictures of dogs.

I'll call it quits for now (you're welcome).  But please do share your favorite pins with me.  Or follow me on Pinterest. I'm so addicted I've added a handy dandy button on the side bar so you can easily find me. 

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