Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Friday: I need to figure out how to join Pinterest Edition

Roughly 3 months ago I decided to cave in a try to get on Pinterest. So I submitted my email for the ever exclusive invitation. I was told I would receive it as soon as it could be sent. Then I forgot about it.  Fast forward to the end of September when I went to dinner with Big Red, Beth, and some girls from high school.  Pinterest was brought up and I mentioned that I had sent my request for an invite eons ago, but never got it. I just assumed it was something that would take a while.  Beth told me I should have had it some time ago.  I just got around to asking for another invite yesterday. I'm not too optimistic about the whole thing. I'm not even sure I'll use it, but I think it may be neat to create cute outfits on.  But of course, they have to have me first.

So here's what I've seen this week that I adore or as the case is for the first item, need.

1. Skinny Leopard Patent Belt.  I needed this Wednesday.  I wore a super cute outfit, but the shirt wouldn't stay tucked in because apparently I move around a lot like a four year old.  So I untucked the shirt and had to re-tuck it before going to a work event.  Had I had this belt, it could've stayed untucked.

2. Patterned Sweater Dress. I love sweater dresses. Yet I don't own one. Maybe this winter things will change. But who are we kidding? Probably not.

3. Patterened Turtleneck Sweater. While we're at it, I also like this one. 

4. Strung Silk Necklace.  This is a cutie, but I think I can make it out of clothing from Goodwill for just $1.48

5. Merona Pullover.  I saw this in the ad on Sunday and loved it. I couldnt' find it online (because the new Target website, when it's actually up and running, is a pain in the butt) so I just had to screen shot the pop-up from the ad. Way to go Target.

Unfortunately Target's website wore me out. So I'm going to call it a day.  Enjoy the weekend.

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