Monday, October 3, 2011

Bethany Getting Married!

Friday afternoon Emily, mom and I headed down to Georgetown, Kentucky to attend Beth's wedding.  Beth is Big Red's sister.  While Big Red and I dominated in all our gym classes, Beth and Emily were also in the same grade, but instead braided each other's hair.

Even though we drove through rain and overcast skies the entire way down, come wedding time it was gorgeous and almost warm.

The wedding was very low key (very Beth) but at the same time very beautiful. Beth is a graphic designer so it's no wonder the place was beautiful.  Tobacco cloth was used instead of toile as it is much cheaper (and looks a thousand times better).  The guest book was instead a bunch of individual leaves for people to sign and hang on a small tree.

We all received a carmel apple (or two) as favors and enjoyed six different flavors of cupcakes.  This was the first wedding I've attended with STARBUCKS coffee.

Big Red was the maid of honor and did a great job keeping things running (except for somehow managing to NOT be in the Cooper family photo which had to be retaken once they realized she wasn't in it) and also delivered a great toast.

It was a wonderful girls weekend (we snuck in some shopping both on the way down and the way back) and a great time catching up with those from high school (mainly parents because Big Red was my only friend).

Congratulations Nate and Beth!

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