Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Shazam - Sound Hound Face Off

Last weekend as C and I were working our way through season 2 of Mad Men we noticed the song playing during the closing credits was a bit different than normal.  We're talking an organ piece not the regular 60's era piece (bear with me, I'm not a musical person and don't know the key - haha - musical phrases). We really liked it, so we decided to pull our our handy dandy iPhones and Shazam and Sound Hound the music to see what exactly was playing. We had a face off between the two apps. 

Apparently Shazam wasn't aware of the competition because while Sound Hound was spot on...

Shazam  was on a  completely different continent.

We thought Shazam was just a bit confused so C rewound the credits and tried Shazam on his phone (maybe it was up to the task unlike mine?). Turns out, Shazam is a bit off it's rocker.

I think it's safe to declare Sound Hound the victor. Now I'm wondering how many of the other 41 songs I've Shazamed are actually what I was looking for.

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