Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We spent the weekend in Ft. Wayne for Septermberpalooza. Also known as "the Stephenson's yearly family reunion in which we all wear matching t-shirts." It's a blast.

We started off with a golf scramble.  And wouldn't you know, I deleted a majority of the pictures that were taken.  All that's left is the last hole.

After team Sub-Par finished the 9th hole we sat on the hill waiting for the other two teams (both of which beat us) to finish. 

C didn't say any bad words. 

Drew was golfing in the wrong direction.

Grandpa was chauffeured around the course. 

Also golfing were James, Uncle Todd, Uncle Wayne, Katie, and Blake. I just happened to delete their action shots. 

After golfing we headed back to get the lobster boil underway.  

 Aunt Janet demonstrating how to cut open the crab legs. Much easier than using the claw crackers.

 I washed the potatoes!

And the lobster.  All ready for the boil. 

This is where I would show the step by step boil process.  However the pictures were taken on three different cameras because there was trouble distinguishing whose was whose. So we'll just jump to the end.

The entire ocean.

I think it's safe to say the lobster boil was a hit and will be a new Stephenson tradition. 

Sunday we had breakfast and lunch (but not brunch) in a 2 hour span before heading back to Ohio and reality. 

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