Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the last weekend of summer

Some big things happened over the weekend. Ok, nothing big really happened, but it sounded like a good lead in. Wait, one "big" thing did happen, but I'll save that for last.

Friday night:
- I had (and still have) a cold. 
- C brought home Max and Erma's for dinner because he's been craving a cheeseburger. Yesterday he was craving BW3's. I think he may be pregnant.
- Watched some Mad Men (which I'm warming up to).
- Also watched some football. 

- Spent the morning watching quality t.v. (food shows, E!, etc) while C had a breakfast meeting.
- (Thought I) texted C and asked him to bring me a donut. 
- C returned without a donut. I later realized I had typed the text, but never sent it.
- Took the girls to the doggie wash. More on that later this week.
- Went to the pool with Emily for the last time of the summer.
- Had Putting Away of the Pool Bag ceremony. 
- Headed to the mall for dinner and a stop at Walden's (they are closing so we're spending lots and lots of money there - 70% = yay!).
- Went to Mark's football game.
- Mark got tackled. 

- Dad did the t.v. coverage.

- Starbucks. Sunday School (I guess we go to Bible Study, but we still call it Sunday School). Church. Lunch. 
- It was dreary so we couldn't go to the pool. 
- Watched Mad Men.
- Went to Gypsy Joe's for ice cream. 
- Watched Mad Men.

And most importantly, Saturday afternoon C brought his computer back to life!!

In case you didn't know, his trusty mac file vaulted him out of accessing anything. After much deliberation he decided just to reinstall the original operating system wiping the sucker clear of all his music, writing, and law school stuff.  Once it came to life it was like he had just gotten a brand new toy. Who knew something almost 5 years old could bring so much joy?

For his Christmas gift I'm thinking of fixing a broken alarm clock.


Luann said...

Mark may have taken one for the team - but it was not for naught! FCA was victorious.

Emommy said...

Fixing a broken alarm clock sounds like a RAD Christmas gift. Get my vote!