Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Roast beef flavored strawberry cake. YUM.

I found myself looking at french door fridges the other day. Because what non-homeowner doesn't dream about the appliances she may or may not one day have? 

Anyway, it dawned on me.  In every commercial and picture ad you always see these fridges stocked full of food that really should be covered in plastic wrap or foil. Not to mention fully plated presentations that should probably be on the table, warm instead of in the fridge.

Guinea hens, a cheese plate, and a cake. 

Full plate of roast beef with fresh cut tomatoes.

Fully cooked and dressed turkey and a fruit tart.

Meat and cheese plate.

We have all of this yummy (smelly) food and not one box of baking soda to stop the odors from creeping into the unwrapped food. 

Fruit tart with a slight taste of turkey? A cheese plate with hints of guinea hens? Tomatoes that taste like last night's roast beef dinner?

No. Thank. You.

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Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

We once stored some cheddar cheese in a tupperware container that previously held bananas but SEEMED fine after rinsing it out. The result was not lovely, and I imagine similar results from what you're describing.