Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm still reading

I have to admit, the reading tab I added to the blog a few months ago has really kept me in check.  It's like a list of accomplishments and so I want to keep adding to it.  In order to do so I must keep reading. 

I'm currently working on Moose, which I hope to finish tonight, and have The First Husband on deck.  After that I should be at the beach reading (some of) the following:

A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents
I'm Kind of a Big Deal
An Object of Beauty
Pure Drivel
The Pleasure of My Company
Family Affair
Stupid and Contagious
Dog Pursuit
Confessions of a Contractor
City Dog
Book of Joe

I should point out that I don't expect to make it through all of these. I always take a bit more than I need (although I try to read one book a day) because I don't force myself to read a book when I just can't get into it.  I recently told myself that I don't have to fnish a book just because I started it. There are a million others out there.

That leaves me with not a lot of ideas to come home to so I'm asking for you help.  I need some (age appropriate) reading material for this fall.  I typically don't read as much in the non-pool months because the pool isn't open and I don't have any other out doors space to sit and read. So instead I sit and watch t.v. 

Hello. My name is Rachel and I'm a t.v. junkie.

But I think this time around will be different all because I have the blog to keep me in check.  Even if no one else checks the page, I know it's there and don't want to publish falsehoods.  Capeesh?*

*That is how I chose to spell capeesh.

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