Monday, August 8, 2011

I finally made it to a Clippers game

After this post you'll be ready for me to go on vacation.

Friday night we went to the Clippers game. It was my first game of the year.  Apparently it was a sell out because despite several open seats standing room only was all that was available when we arrived.  So we got our tickets, grabbed some food, and stood behind section 4 I believe.

The the science club (I'm guessing) sitting in front of us learned exactly what the game of baseball was.  You know...

- 162 games a year on the majors.
- The majors are one level better than the Clippers.
- If you get three strikes you're out.
- That is called a base.
- That's a free base.

Typical "I've never stepped foot outside of the lab talk". Honestly though I'm thinking this guy was from another country. Seriously. While I didn't hear his accent, the fact that he needed the base explained to him says a lot. If you're not interested enough in baseball to not know the white squares are bases, then you probably would never go to a game. Just my analysis.

After a few innings we were able to move to the bleachers, then finally down a bit closer to the action.

Each time the ball was pitched I tensed up a bit.  I could just see the ball coming and hitting me in the face.  Fortunately it didn't.

Harry Canary did come by for a visit and I took a few pictures (and a video of my pocket in which I'm laughing hysterically at the blow up bird).

No one should take this many pictures of an inflatable, human filled bird. I think it's safe to say I'm ready for vaca.

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