Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"They don't make a van."

27 points to the first person to name the comedian connected to the quote.

We're going with picture posts this week. Because I'm super busy and don't really have anything on my mind. Yeah., right.

This was the view from my parents' front porch last Wednesday evening...

(older) Blue Accord - Drew's. It needs washed.
Chrysler van - Mom's. Her car serves as her office.
(newer) Blue Accord - Emily's.
Slate Grey van - Mark's. Every kid wants to drive a van to school.
Jeep - Mine.
Orange SUV (I don't know what type it is) Dodge Nitro- Joyce's.

(not pictured) Silver van - Dad's. Parked on the side of the garage.


Joyce said...

That is my 2009 Dodge Nitro! Such a hot car :)

Luann said...

This is only complete if you spotlight the mileage of the 4 Davidson vehicles titled to your dear father and me:


Thousand that is. 869,000 miles

Emommy said...

Now THAT is really impressive mileage! I think Luann should get at least 28 points for that comment! :)