Thursday, June 30, 2011

two firsts

This week has contained a few firsts for C. 

The first first was on Monday night. We had every intention of going to the pool.  However, it rained.  Based on the previous weeks, we should have seen this coming.  So instead, we loaded up in the Jeep and headed to Barnes and Noble to purchase some tea and read.  We also spent more money than planned when we also bought new sheets and a mattress cover (I think 15 years was a long enough life for our old one).  After the drinking (of mocha and tea), and reading, and buying, we went to Skyline Chili to eat.  Despite having lived in Pickerington for a good chunk of his pre-me life, C had never been to Skyline.  So he agreed.  I went with the three-way with cheese and beans.  C went with the chicken wrap. The chicken wrap. The sand which which is probably on the menu because some people refuse to eat chili. And that's what he went with.

But he did get chili cheese fries (and liked them) so he redeemed himself there.

The second first was last night.  If you read my blog daily (and you should) you'll remember we were turned away from the drive-in last Saturday night.  We tried again last night and succeeded.

Instead of waiting 1 hour to be turned away we only waited 15 minutes to get in.

Waiting for the show to being while enjoying classic tunes from the 50's (I think).

And at the end, despite the lack luster performance that was Cars 2 (c'mon a bit too much going on), C enjoyed himself and even said he'd go back.

All in all, a good week of firsts.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose Charles would order a tofu wrap at Buffalo Wild Wings. Is he really from Ohio......