Monday, May 30, 2011

a matter of perspective

This weekend Rachel:

- Confused some chickens for dogs.
- Went with the family to pick out a new puppy. Riley Roo the Double Doodle will be coming home to the Davidson house on June 6th!

Doesn't she look like she's a Davidson (dog)?

- Ate at a Mexican place in Heath that everyone in Lancaster goes to. We weren't impressed with the food. The building looked like the VFW.

- Slept way in. Missed 4 calls from dad and Emily asking me to join them from breakfast at Waffle House (yum). Caught call #5 just in time.
- Had a drumstick at 11:30 (after deciding it was never too early in the morning for ice cream).
- Got my free book from the library book store.
- Got a Coke slushie.
- Picked up items for the Youth Group Yard Sale.
- Took items to the local consignment shop. May have judged them for not taking some of my cute, in good condition clothes. Oh well, they youth group will benefit from the sale.
- Went to Pickerington with Emily. Stopped at Feather My Nest (got two Vera items on sale), Discount Drug Mart (only place that sells Blistex Lip Infusion - got 3), lunched at Noodles & Company, and also stopped at Fashion Footwear, Marshalls, and Best Buy.
- Watched the Indians.
- Looked up dumpster rentals in Joplin for C.
- Played Words with Friends.
- Picked up dinner from Texas Roadhouse.
- Played Words with Friends.
- Washed my leather belt. (I really can't be left home alone.)
- Cleaned a bit so C would come home to a semi-clean house.
- Played Words with Friends.
- Ate my second drumstick of the day.
- Played Words with Friends.

- Churched.
- Joined the POOL!
- Read at the pool.
- Went to the mall with Emily. Stopped myself from buying some super cute shoes. It's what C would want me to do (if he knew about them, which now he does).
- Cooked out with Dad and Emily.
- Took Katie to get ice cream!
- Continued my cleaning conquest.
- Was mesmerized by My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.  Where was this show all weekend when I had nothing to do in the evenings?!

- Worked.
- Took my 2nd trip to the pool!
- Started setting up for the yard sale (it will consume me this weekend).
- Welcomed C home.

This weekend C:

Friday through Monday 
 - Helped with the recovery efforts in Joplin. There's much more to it than that, but I'll let him go into the details. I can't do it justice.

Definitely puts my weekend in perspective.

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