Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Rewind: I have no title

C and I had a very busy weekend. Here's how it went down.

Friday evening I picked up Katie (my parent's dog) from the kennel. To say she was excited to be home was an understatement.

Becoming reacquainted with her kingdom.

After I dropped her off and home and spent some time with her I ran to Roosters to pick up some dinner for us. At this point it was roughly 6:30. By 8:00, dinner was complete and C was in bed. That's right, he was out for the night. Something about only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before. So I spent the evening watching the Indians, making some posters for church, and going back to the house to spend some time with Katie. Apparently she was none too happy that I left her a few hours ago, and would not let me out of her site the next few hours. I returned home to see the Indians' winning run. I topped off the evening with 48 Hours Investigates on the ID channel. A bad idea before bed. Someone didn't learn her lesson the night before.

We woke up early, 8:00 am early, Saturday morning and were out the door, headed to Cleveland, by 8:45. First we stopped at Aunt Amy's to drop of some Southern Comfort staples (i.e. Plantation Rice), went to the cemetery to replace flowers, and stopped and Aunt Bab's to visit for a while before the Indians game.

We got to the park (I'm torn as to what to call it... The Jake or Progressive Field ...It will always be The Jake) roughly an hour before the game. It was Sin Shoo Choo jersey day. The Indians must not have anticipated a sellout when the ordered the jerseys because they ran out pretty quickly. Those who did not get a jersey got a jersey t-shirt. When those ran out they got a script Indians t-shirt. Once those were gone they handed out t-shirts with a "C" on them. And once those were gone people got vouchers for a giveaway item. Glad we got there so early.

Our seats were really good if you can forget about the annoying Reds fans (you cannot tell what the pitch is from secton 172) and the people who would not sit down in front of us. Five of us went so Dad took the seat C and I purchased up in section 458. Good decision on his part as the rest of us actually moved up to watch the rest of the game. It was nice to sit around some rational Indians fans for a change.
And for the first time since September 2008 the game (a non-home opener) was sold out. I personally hadn't seen a sell out since the 2007 playoffs.

It was quite the low scoring, pitching duel. The Reds scored their single run in the top of the 7th, but the Indians answered with two runs of their own.

Chris Perez was brought on for the top of the 9th and recorded his 12th save.

After the game the crowd did not seem to want to go home (including us) so we hit up the team shop. I got a men's Indians hat for $12 (plaid). Then we went back to Aunt Bab's (someone left her camera there) before heading home.

I rolled out of bed at 6:30 Sunday morning and headed to Valley View for the Habitat for Humanity golf outing. After signing the teams in, my job was to sit at the 18th hole to witness any holes-in-one (which would win the golfer $12,000). No holes-in-one were witnessed. In fact, only two individuals on the seven teams that came through while I was there managed to get it on the green on one shot. I left around 10 to head to church. After church we had left over chicken BBQ stuff from church from the night before. Then we went to the park to read (C) and nap (me) before heading home.

Later yesterday afternoon I went through all of my clothes to decide what to put in the yard sale and what to take to the consignment shop. Emily came over to take first dibs on what I was planning on getting rid of. After I closed up shop C and I went on a short walk and picked up some Coke slushies.

We returned home and picked up a bit while getting dinner ready - I burned the rice :-(. We got a call from my mom that a horrible tornado had gone through Joplin, Missouri - where C's parents live. We were fortunately able to make quick contact with them to confirm that they were perfectly fine. However, the rest of the town (south and west) was leveled. Later in the evening we were able to iChat with the Elseas (who didn't even lose their internet connection despite the storm's track just a few miles away). They were able to show us (out their window) the stream of emergency vehicles that were finally arriving from neighboring communities.

After our convo, C absolutely had to have some chocolate milk. So at 10:32 pm (as good as a time as any) we went to Kroger to get some chocolate milk (they have the best). We came home and watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory before hitting the hay.

This morning C talked to his parents. They went out and volunteered last night until 4:00 this morning and headed back out again today. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are injured, trapped, or have lost loved ones in the storm.

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