Wednesday, April 27, 2011

la la la la gasoline

My computer has been hijacked by C, whose computer has been hijacked by file vault (an Apple created thing-a-ma-bob that not even Apple can get through) so my original plan of taking pictures of all of the flowers in bloom and posting them as my Wordless Wednesday will have to wait until next week.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll have a day or two without rain so I can take the pictures. So today words will just have to do.

I got gas at Speedway yesterday. It was so windy that when I put the nozzle back the little excess gas that usually drips out and on to the ground was picked up by the wind and landed all over my clothes, legs, and shoes.  This was at 11:30 a.m. I smelled like gas the rest of the day.

That prompted the "Gasolina" song to get stuck in my head. But really all that was stuck was "la la la la gasoline!" because that's all I know.  I looked up the lyrics so I could make the title of this post one of the lines from the song, but I didn't know if they meant something dirty because I don't always ever get those song meanings, so I just went with what I hear when I hear that song.

Speaking of song meanings, I used to think Brad Paisley's "Little Moments" was about his daughter (that he didn't have). Turns out it is about his wife, Kimberly (aka Annie from Father of the Bride).  Who knew?

While at Speedway I decided I needed a coke so I went in to get one.  Apparently Speedway is the place to go for lunch. It was just as busy as the Subway on Sixth Avenue. Everyone in line had a "jumbo hot dog" or a "Ranchero Beef Steak and Cheese Tornado" or some other type of "tornado." One guy had at least 8 tornadoes in his to go container (and 2 Mountain Dews).  They must have tasty "food" at Speedway. 


BTW (that's cool speak for "by the way"), when I googled "Speedway Gas Station Food" trying to find a picture of thier decilious menu items, the result returned an alarming number of mug shots. Not exactly what I was looking for.

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