Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Rewind

We.Had.A.Super.Busy.Weekend. For us. I'm sure other have had busier. Like heart transplant doctors, for instance.

Both of our weekends started at noon on Friday. C chose to use the extra time to take a nap. I chose to lock myself out of the house, walk to the library in the pouring rain, and go to Gordon's to purchase some last minute Easter breakfast staples (the main dish and spoons to eat it with).   If you're familiar with Gordon's, the closest one is up on Bryce Road. This is where we used to do our big grocery trips and go to the mall (EastLAND - a just a few roads over) when I was a little kid. We no longer do that for fear of being shot. I kid. But still, nothing that used to be there still exists.  It's a run down area with a Circuit City (where I once bought our first wireless router which never, ever worked).

Anyway,  I also made a trip to WalMart to pick up some cinnamon rolls because my procrastination/fear to complete a big baking task got the best of me and I never made PW's Cinnamon Rolls. We went with Rhodes instead.

I returned just in time to wake C up from his nap so we could head to my parents for dinner with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Don before going to church. Easter was 20 days later this year which meant it was light out during the Good Friday service.  It didn't seem the same having it be light during the service, but it did lightening which was pretty awesome and fitting.

After church we did a majority of the set up for the Easter breakfast while C and the grown ups set up the Easter lilies in a nice parenthesis open tomb formation.

Isn't the church beautiful?

We went to ColdStone to get some ice cream cup cakes. Emily had no idea these existed and was a bit upset we hadn't told her about them, but not as upset that no one had told her about Daniel Tosh and how funny he is. C had a minor accident and rammed his foot into the door way while trying to chase Katie around the kitchen table. You know, typical Friday evening activities for a 26 year old.

Saturday morning we did some final Easter breakfast prep. I made Grandma's a version of Grandma's Butternut Squash Casserole that came out too runny.  We recently found my "Grandma Remembers" book and low and behold the real recipe was in there.  She called for four cups of squash, but I only had two.  I tried to defrost another two cups I had in the freezer but it smelled like something nasty so I just went with two cups because I didn't have a direct line to heave to call Grandma and seek her input. I also made PW's Red Velvet cake.

Later that day C and I went up to Easter where he surprised me by purchasing The Rachel for me. I was so excited! I also had a long song malfunction under my skinny jeans which caused me to have to completely take off my pants in the restroom. That's a first for me. We dinnered with the entire family at BD's. My delicious bowl was almost done cooking, the sauce and been poured on, and then the grill "master" proceeded to mix my entire meal with Drew's.  Causing me to start all over, behind 12 people who had never heard of the create your own bowl concept. However, once I made it up to the grill they had a special section set up just for me with dividers and everything. The guy apologized again for messing up my meal and I told him it wasn't a big deal that mine was just completely mixed together with my brothers. I've seen them pour the wrong sauce on someone's food but never mix two meals together. Drew decided just to take the new meal mixture that had made and throw a whole lotta buffalo sauce on his now ginormous bowl.

After dinner we went to Yagoot and headed back to Lancaster to dye Easter eggs.

Sunday morning started very early. 6:00 am early. We were at church by 7:00 am and C had made a Starbucks run by 7:30 am. I enjoyed my first mocha since Fat Tuesday while getting the Easter breakfast ready.  The breakfast is so much easier when everything is pre-made and you don't have to make or supervise the making of hundreds of pancakes which may or may not be edible (I know they weren't when I was making them in high school). We got several compliments on the whole shebang which means we're doing the same thing next year (with more Bacon, Egg, and Cheese casserole).

Aside from half the congregation almost passing out during church because the sanctuary was a sauna, the service was great. We learned about Sante Fe Chicken Soup and a lady who was nailed into a coffin with the care taker (name that Hitchcock movie/story/show).

After church we had lunch at my parents house. As I said before, the squash turned out too runny and to top it off the icing for my red velvet cake looked like baby vomit (but it tasted normal). I blame it on the temperatures and the fact that all of the ingredients were not the same temperature. Also, I think part of it had to do with Lydia being there. She's one of the best cooks in the world so I was a bit nervous. 

The Easter Bunny stopped at Sells Road and left all the Davidson kids Indians shirts. He must have made a trip to Cleveland because Emily and I received Indians shirts from Victoria's Secret. (Side note - my mom told me that she had the exact same conversation at the VS store in Easton when she asked if they had the Indians line of clothing.  Kudos to my dad for stopping in a VA store in Cleveland during his last trip up there.) C got a nice green shirt for work because they don't carry Cardinals gear in Central Ohio.

After long naps C and I returned home and iChatted with Mama and Papa E. It is great to be able to see them when we can't actually be with them.

To round out our Easter weekend, at 8:00 p.m. C got to watch the Cardinals game.  Telefast is officially over! He did watch some t.v. earlier in the day... an ING commercial, Sammy walking, basketball highlights for two teams in the playoffs who I can't remember (and probably won't make it far anyway), the playoff rounds for the Heritage Classic (in South Carolina! We are going to the beach in 19 days! I.Am.So.Excited!), and a bad episode of 30 Rock.

All in all this was a great weekend.

P.S. It has been raining here for 27 days straight.

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TE said...

The church does look beautiful. And your red cake looks delicious. C's Grandma U. was famous for her Red Cakes. I'm going to have to dig out her recipe to share. Hope the toe is better!! :) xo