Tuesday, March 22, 2011

life before me

Last Friday night my mom, sister, and I were going through some stuff in the basement.  We discovered C's box of life before me. Shout out to Mama E. for preserving all C's notable (and maybe not so notable) achievements! When C's parent's moved, they were smart and decided to not take the stuff with them and said, "Here's your mementos."  Unfortunately we didn't have space for C's box of mementos (I'm sure there's more than one box, but we only found the one Friday night) so they are currently being stored at my parents' house.  We decided to move everything from the box it was in into a plastic tote.

We found regular stuff you'd find from someone's childhood: pictures, drawings, cards, valentines, and homemade books.  But we all have some hidden treasurers too.

We've all known C for quite some time.  So we already knew that he loves to talk, make jokes, and rule the world.  But these still made us laugh till we cried.

1. Grade card from kindergarten or first grade (1990).

In case you can't read the teacher's comments for "Handles peer conflicts. How?" it says: Sometimes by "talking it out" - Sometimes takes the problem to the teacher; lately has hit children when he's had a conflict. 

I was also a bit surpised by "follows a little more than leads." Who was this boy?

2. I didn't get a picture of this craft project but it appeared to be from the later years of elementary school.  Each kid wrote something nice about each individual and then all the compliments were glued to a green piece of construction paper.  The top three comments were:
      - "You have a good sense of humor, are kind, and are a good President."
      - "Despite your twisted sense of humor, you are funny - you sure do make class interesting."
      - "You are good at making evil plans."

3. And my favorite....

C, you've got some splainin' to do.

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