Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to create the winning NCAA bracket

For those of you who waited until the last minute to fill out your brackets (they didn't give us much time this year did they?) I thought I'd share my winning secret with you.

Some (C included) are known to get online, look at individual team stats, strength of schedule, RPI (Ratings Percentage Index - I had to wiki it), the usual upsets (13-4 and 12-5) and their inner basketball smarts to academically choose who will advance to the final game.


I choose which team I can picture SportsCenter saying won the game.

i.e. "Despite their ups and many downs this year, Michigan State upset UCLA."

Hey, it won me a (yet to be taken) trip to The Melting Pot last year. So there.

Here's my "Who can I hear SportsCenter announcing as the winner" bracket for the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

This year, with my boys being the #1 overall seed in the big dance, I'm remaining faithful to them.  I usually have them losing before the championship game, but with the year they've had, I have to have them going all the way.  (Even if I'm not positive they will.)  Teams like this don't come along every year for us.

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