Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beef and Noodles

Remember that spoon roast we made last week? And how we saved the left over meat and broth?  Well, here's what we are going to do with it. It's so easy and doesn't really have that many steps or ingredients that if it weren't so yummy, I'm not sure it'd be blog post worthy.  But it is oh-so-yummy.

Beef and Noodles

What you need:
left over beef
enough beef broth and you deem necessary
maybe some water
egg noodles (preferably the Amish kind)

In a large pot bring beef broth and water (if you don't have enough broth) to a boil.  Also add in chopped up beef. You may also want to add some S&P (I did because I used more water than I wanted to and it was a little tasteless)

Once everything is boiling, add as many or as little egg noodles as you'd like and cook through.

Serve with mashed potatoes.

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Becky said...

I found a neat little chipboard/acrylic recipe holder at Archiver's that I'm going to get crafty with to display in my kitchen. It's getting only my tried and trusted recipes; no others. Anyhoo, it reminded me of you and your recipes. Do you have Archivers stores in your area?