Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Rewind

We were very productive and busy this weekend.  I think it's going to take all week just to recuperate.

Friday evening C and I decided we needed a night out.  We headed to O'Charley's (because we hadn't been there since I was 22) and also stopped and Barnes & Noble.

Commercial Break: While I'm typing this I'm watching Ina Garten's "Back to Basics".  I just learned she only uses two dried spices further solidifying the fact that she is the creme de la creme of food snobs.  I use all dried spices because I don't think C would appreciate it if I chose to blow our monthly allowance on fresh herbs. And while I'm at it, her show really doesn't get "back to the basics," it's still several notches above my cooking level.

Back to our night out.  We can't go into B&N without coming out with some books (and tea!).  I managed to find one on super sale meaning I can take it off my library hold waiting list.  After returning from Pickerington we stopped at Blockbuster  to give them some money so they don't have to close because every once in a while we want to rent something asap that isn't immediately available at our library.

To our relief, we woke up on Saturday morning to discover that Santa had been taken down from the bank across the street.  He no longer can see my while I'm sleeping and while I didn't mind so much, it really freaked C out.

While I helped undecorate the church C worked.  Then we went to Columbus with Mark and my dad to have lunch at BD's and go to the Buckeyes game. 

The Buckeyes narrowly beat Penn State (68-66) and secured the #1 ranking in college basketball.  The lady behind me, who I refer to as a better dressed version of Janelle's mom, also narrowly escaped the wrath of Mark and me as she was quite the obnoxious fan.  From being upset that Penn State was 100% on their free throws (which they weren't), to saying a play was "scripted" (aren't they all?) to declaring the Buckeyes completely stopped playing at the start of the fourth quarter (my personal favorite), all said in a voice that had a pitch higher than a dog whistle, she was on fire.     

Does anyone else always sit by fans like this? What happened to the two year old boy who asked his mom to tell you that you look beautiful? I'm pretty sure that kid was the reason why C asked me out.  He wasn't aware that he had competition until that fateful day in 2004.

The game was a 5:30 tip off Saturday which allowed us to get home at a decent hour and continue to feed my new Entourage addiction causing C to make an embarrassing run to Blockbuster to get the next disk while returning the two we had checked out less than 24 hours earlier.  Now every Blockbuster employee knows that the Elseas don't really lead exciting lives.  At least we had them fooled until now.

After church and lunch (we went to Wendy's for a change!) on Sunday we went to an open house (a new regularity) before I hit the kitchen making birthday cupcakes for Mark and SOUP! I also managed to make it to the library to pick up a cd that was in and successfully managed to get the librarian to override a $.50 fine on my account!  It made my Sunday and had the Buckeyes game not been so close it would be ranked as the #1 event in my 2011 thus far.

So next time the library has a levy on the ballot you have me to thank for having them give my $.50 back and not paying off my revolving $1.10 balance.

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