Friday, December 10, 2010

words, smords

I am a horrible speller.  I owe everything I don't know how to spell to the Lancaster Public School system and their desire to teach children how to spell using "whole language".  I know "cat" is spelled c-a-t because that's the way it's spelled.  I know nothing about phonetics. What is a "long a sound"?

This is just yet another reason why I will not be able to home school aside from my lack of patience and my fear that C would just come home from work and have to re-teach our children things like the Battle of Gettyburgs and Valley Forge were not the same war, what Alexander Hamilton's role was in our country's history, and who the oldest and youngest governors in California are/were.  Actually I'd be able to teach all that since I learned about the wars a few months ago, Alexander Hamilton in college (while spending many hours at Caribou with C while he studied), and as for the governor thing, I just learned that one Wednesday night. It's not that I didn't learn those things at a young age, rather I have decided they are not as important as trying to remember the basics of the soup I had the other day and how I can reproduce it without a recipe.

Without further ado, I present to you my top five misspelled words. And I'm telling you, I misspell these words so badly that spell check can't even figure out what I'm attempting to spell.

1. Attorney (but we've already discussed that one)

2. Different

3. Necessary

4. Commitment

5. Appreciate

It may appear that I have problems with words with double letters, but really this is just the tip of the ice berg.

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