Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Rewind: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Here's to me getting this done and posted in the a.m. opposed to the late p.m.  I'm awarding myself the "Prize of the Day."

We are officially all decorated.  Except for the gingerbread houses.  Those are still in their boxes waiting to be assembled.

Friday night we went to Olive Garden. (yay!) I love Olive Garden.  C, not so much.  Let me rephrase that. I love C, he does not love Olive Garden.  But he loves me, so occasionally we go. After dinner we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  This was the second time I borrowed it from the library but only the first time we got around to watching it. I think we both thought it was cute, but probably wouldn't have watched it if it wasn't blu-ray.

Saturday morning we went to the Kiwanis breakfast for yummy pancakes and sausage.  After breakfast we headed out to look for new moccasins for C.  We didn't find any, but I did find my not pre-assembled (essential) gingerbread houses. Our next stop was to pick up our christmas tree and wreath from our storage unit my parents' house. After a much needed nap (because you can get too much sleep and then be too tired) we started decorating.

After decorating was completed we went to Easton (!) and met our friends, Charlie and Stacey for dinner at CPK.  We also had yummy Yagoot.  We can't go to Easton without stopping at Barnes and Noble.  Only this time I requested the stop instead of C.  I had a buy one, get one coupon for my tea and needed to pick up my favorite Christmas C.D., which houses one of my favorite non-traditional Christmas songs, because as C pointed out, if it's been missing for three years, it is lost not misplaced. Oh, and I also used two of my (now 5) $10 off coupons for Victoria's Secret.  I am now a night gown girl.  C should be pleased as this means his white shirts will stop disappearing.

Sunday morning after our usual church and McDonald's (where it appeared to be a special Seniors day) we headed home for our weekly Sunday nap.  The rest of the afternoon was spent putting away the decorations that aren't fortunate enough to be displayed during the Christmas season and cleaning up the mess that we made while decorating.  I also managed to go through my jewelry box and get rid of bag up to donate to the yard sale all of my 90's jewelry. So if you still wear that kind of stuff make sure to stop by the Redeemer Youth Group Yard Sale in Spring 2011.

I also started a very important collection last night, but I'll share more on that tomorrow.

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